"I've been meaning to write to let you know that I have listened to all the CDs.  That was a lot of trains running through the house!
I was impressed with the quality of sound on the old Carol records.  It was worth the money to have this done, and I know as the holidays approach I will enjoy listening to them again... the project was flawless, and I am very pleased with the results."  M.B. (Colorado)

"I left you a voice mail...I wanted you to hear the enthusiasm in my voice. They are fantastic!!! Unbelievable. I will be sending hopefully tomorrow the next batch. Again...great job. I am blown away!"  A.C.  (New York)  For the full telephone message on a job well done, click here.

"- a note of thanks for the transfer to CD.  I can hear the full sound of vinyl - more interesting sound than a factory CD."  P.L.  (California)

"Excellent work. Couldn't be happier. Thanks."  G.L.  (Florida)

"Polished and professional. Excellent communication, excellent work, Thanks."  M.B.  (Maryland)

"Great transfer, professionally done, I am buying again!"  A++++  D.C.  (Georgia)

"Steve, What a GREAT Job you did on the movie soundtrack to THE FARMER! Thanks lots!!"  K.L.  (Oregon)

" is an outstanding service! Quality transfers with an ear to today's stereo sound. I now have access to all kinds of great tunes that no company has deemed "profitable" enough to remaster and print. What a gas it is to hear "records" I thought would just be relics I'd pass on to the kids! The biggest problem is trying to decide which one to have done next. Thanks !" G.H.   (North Carolina)

"Wonderful Service! You saved an antique record set.  I have listened to them and THEY ARE GREAT!  You are very talented and I will recommend you to everyone!  I have left positive eBay feedback.  If I find some others that I am looking for, I will definitely send them to you.  Thanks," C.C.   (Virginia)
"What a wonderful surprise we found when we got home today...The LP's and CDs were waiting for us...They sound wonderful. The music is beautiful.  A huge THANK YOU. You did a super job!"  P.L.  (Texas)
"Absolutely fabulous!!!!! First freaking rate!!!!"  M.H.  (Washington)

"THANK YOU, so much for getting the music transferred to a CD.  You did a GREAT job.  I, too, think the CD turned out well after hearing about the condition of the record.  It was wonderful hearing all those beautiful chords again."   C.E.  (North Carolina)

"Received the cd and 8 track yesterday. My step-dad is THRILLED! He keeps on rambling on about how the quality of the cd is so much better than the original 8 track.  Immediately after opening the box, I got my portable cd player for him. I popped the cd into the player and handed it to him so he could "briefly" listen to the cd. He confiscated my player!!  This morning he commented on how he woke up at 3 am and could not go back to sleep. He decided to listen to the cd for a few minutes until he got sleepy. He listened to the cd for the entire hour and 12 minutes!"  Y.H.  (Alaska)



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