Q.  Is this service you provide legal?

A.  In a word, YES!   The U. S. Copyright Act of 1976 does not exclude the copying of a recording for home and personal use.  VINYLRECORDSTOCD.COM will not make more than one copy of any recording unless the owner of that recording can provide proof of copyright ownership.  VINYLRECORDSTOCD.COM specifically prohibits the use of these services for the purpose of duplicating, distribution or re-distribution, publishing, broadcasting, webcasting, or any other form of digital or analog copying and distribution.  CD's ordered are to be used ONLY for personal and non-commercial use.

Furthermore: Section 1008 of the Audio Home Recording Act of 1992, entitled "Prohibition on certain infringement actions," states, "No action may be brought under this title [The Copyright Act] alleging infringement of copyright based on the manufacture, importation, or distribution of a digital audio recording device, a digital audio recording medium, an analog recording device, or an analog recording medium, or based on the noncommercial use by a consumer of such a device or medium for making digital musical recordings or analog musical recordings."

Q.  Isn't your service rather expensive?

A.  The rates for the services you find here are extremely competitive with other outfits doing the same type of work.  In fact, if you'll compare the prices here for similar work at other audio houses and with what you'd be getting there, you'll find them more expensive than the rates I offer here!  I often have SEASONAL SPECIALS at significant savings over already attractive rates.  Until we can figure out another way to do it, all work is done in real time. As the old adage goes, time is money.  The rates for these services are lower than what I charge professionals to record, mix, and master their work; and again, lower in comparison for goods and services received at other similar sites.   As an appreciator of fine recordings, and possessing at least a modicum of audio engineering skill, I wanted to offer my services on a wider consumer level...for everyday folks who want to preserve their recordings for their own continued enjoyment, and for them to able to listen to their favorites most anywhere.  Kinda hard to get a turntable in the car or out on the beach!  In your backpack?! 

Q.  How can you do this work so inexpensively, so affordably?

A.  I have perfected a modus operandi that allows me to work efficiently, effectively, and at the highest possible quality level.  While several hours of work can go into a restoration (depending on the condition of the recording), and still cognizant of the fact that all work is done for the most part in real time,  and save some of the computer processing work, I can turn the average LP transfer around in an hour or two.  At my other commercial mastering rate that could run a man $100 or more.  Single LP or tape transfers are a bargain at around $25 for the common transfer and restoration...and I treat each project as if it is my own.

Q.  How are you qualified to do this type of work?  How do I know you'll do a good job?

A.  I am a professional audio engineer, specializing in mastering, record album production, CD design and duplication.  I  work out of my own personal state-of-the-art recording and mastering facility.  I have 1600 square feet of space dedicated to this work, and tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment in use daily.  I have been  a professional musician for the last 25 years.  I've also had 17 years of on-air radio experience with a station in the Eastern US that broadcasts into 5 Southeastern states, and across the world via the WWW.  I have numerous records myself and access to thousands more on a regular basis.  I know what good audio sounds like, and how to bring that into reality.  Check out the samples on the AUDIO RESTORATION page.  I am fortunate to be able to do work that I enjoy and get paid for it!  I treat everyone's project, records, etc. as if they were my own.  I aim to please, and in so doing, seek to build relationships with those who choose me to do work with them and for them.  It's cool to make money, but the relationships are what keep me in this line of work. 

Q. OK, so your rates are reasonable, you are qualified, and you seem like a nice guy, how long will it take to turn my project around?

A. From the time you ship until it returns to your doorstep, you can expect about a 10 to 14 day turn-around period.  This is given as a general average.  Depending on the workload I am experiencing at the time, it could be more or less.  Simple, single LP or other vinyl recording transfers will obviously take less time to process than those requiring audio restoration.  All recordings are transferred one at a time: no mass production here!  Orders with multiple discs will take more time as well.  Orders are filled on a  first come first served basis regardless of size.  Some seasons of the year are busier than others (e.g. late Fall, December, late Spring/early Summer), so processing could be up to two weeks longer than average.  Of course, the method you use to ship has a direct bearing on turnaround time.  I prefer to use UPS and USPS services in shipping to you.

Q.  Are you able to repair every kind of damage to my recording?

A. Unfortunately, no.  Their are limitations to what I am able to do in restoring audio.  Moreover, I'd like for you to have every opportunity to be as fully informed about this process as possible.  Some of those limitations are:

Q.  Can you guarantee that every single snap, crackle, and pop be eliminated in my recording?

A.  Unfortunately, no.  There are thousands of impulse noises on the average record, and when assessing the level of restoration a project needs, i.e. considering the severity of the pops, cracks, etc.; I must determine how much processing to apply to the material.  As previously stated, my goal is to preserve the original fidelity of the recording as much as possible.  So, in the instance of a recording with a few major anomalies, I would prefer to apply less processing to best preserve the fidelity.   And, given the nominal 'consumer' budget allowance for audio restoration in the pricing contained on this site, it's just not economically viable to go with 'hand removal' of these major anomalies.  It is possible to do so in many instances,  however, but additional charges will be incurred.  Please call or e-mail for special pricing on this type of forensic, professional restoration.  OTHERWISE, YOUR COMPLETE SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED!!!   CLICK HERE FOR SOME SAMPLES OF RESTORATION WORK ON LP'S, 45'S, 78'S, AND 1/4 INCH REEL TO REEL.

Q.  How should I ship my records to you?

A.  There are many services available to pack your records securely, Mailboxes, Etc., to name one, but it can get expensive.  If you'd like to save money (and who doesn't?), you can pack them yourself by:1) cutting two 13" X 13" pieces of sturdy cardboard.  2) take some bubble wrap and wrap your records with two or three layers North to South and then again 90 degrees East and West.  3) Place the cardboard around the record and secure N/S, E/W with packaging tape, being sure not to allow the tape adhesive near the vinyl surface, and 4) put them in a separate box(14"X 14" X 2"-5" or larger) padded with more bubble wrap to prohibit movement during shipping.  I do not recommend the use of Styrofoam peanuts unless you use it as additional cushioning for the box, and only then if the records are completely sealed in bubble wrap.  Whatever you do, DO NOT SHIP THE RECORDS TO ME IN UNPROTECTED PACKAGING.  AVOID SINGLE LAYER PACKAGING.  ALWAYS DOUBLE SECURE YOUR VALUABLE RECORDINGS!  My shipping preferences are USPS and UPS.  USPS has a Priority Mail box that is just the right size for sending an LP or several for that matter.  FEDEX EXPRESS is also available.  In an effort to keep your costs down, I will endeavor to use the materials you used in shipping to me to return your vinyl or tape to you.

Q. Where do I ship my records?

A.  My studio ground address is:


571 Mar Ter Dan Ridge

Marion, NC  28752

Q.  About how much to ship 1 record safely and securely? 

A.  The US Postal Service can do it priority mail for around $4.  In fact, you can send 3-5 LP's for under $7.  UPS ground will be a tad more expensive, and, of course, expedited shipping could run $10-$20 for 3-5 platters...

Q.  What is PayPal?

A.  PayPal is an online payment service that accepts and processes major credit cards and bank transfers inexpensively for merchants like myself.  They utilize the latest Secure Socket Layer encryption to assure you the utmost safety and security in making payments online.  You do not have to have a PayPal account to use this service.  The shopping cart that is used on this site is powered by PayPal, and can be used as a calculator to see what different combinations of the broad range of products and services will cost you.  Go ahead and use it for that!  You can't mess anything up, and you can always cancel if you like before the last step!  I gladly accept:

Q.  Do you accept Mini-Disc, Real Audio files, MP3's, and other 'lossy'  formats for restoration?

A.  At this time I do not accept those types of files as it is difficult to restore those files which have lost a great deal of their 'information' through the data compression process.

got MORE questions?  e-mail or call!

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